Responsible Gambling

The legality of online gambling in Canada is still murky. The majority of Canadians who wish to try their luck playing online casino games must do so on foreign-based sites. However, these operators are not known for advocating responsible gambling nor do they provide any tools to aid problem gamblers.

Instant riches associated with gambling are a powerful and addictive drive, especially now that online and mobile casinos are so readily available. All of these factors only deepen the problem of gambling addiction even further.

While Eskimo Casino promotes online casinos to Canadians, we want everyone visiting our website to understand gambling risks and try to do it responsibly. The goal of this page is to familiarize the reader with gambling addiction issues and introduce services and organizations that help those in need.

Testing Whether You’re a Problem Gambler

If you have doubts about whether or not you’re a problem gambler, you must first answer a set of questions regarding your gambling habits, such as:

  • Are you unable to stop gambling, regardless of winning or losing?
  • Are you progressively spending more money on gambling?
  • Are you chasing losses?
  • Does gambling affect your personal life and relationships negatively?
  • Are you demonstrating little interest in other activities?
  • Has gambling harmed your financial status?

Many people are in complete control of their gambling habits and don’t suffer any short- or long-term issues from it. They simply view gambling as a hobby, and it has little or no impact on other areas of their lives.

However, answering “yes” to the above questions is a red flag and should be addressed immediately.

Admitting the Problem

The hardest step for any problem gambler is admitting there is a problem. The lack of clarity is an issue in and of itself, as many lack the courage to acknowledge their mistakes and be honest with themselves.

If you can’t view your problem gambling objectively, it’s best to ask friends and family for input. Tell them how you feel, how much you’re spending, and what side effects has gambling had on your life recently.

Getting Help

Once you realize you need help, it’s only a matter of getting it. Luckily, several Canadian organizations specialize in helping people with gambling addictions, including:

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